All Rare Potatoes Be

by Delmore Pilcrow

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released October 31, 2013

Chris Garver - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Justin Collins - Drums
Ryan Thomas Becker - Guitar (4)
Tony Ferraro - Guitar (2, 3)
Will Kapinos - Guitar (1, 5)
Taylor Sims - Organ (8)
Aaron White - Guitar (6, 7)
Recorded and mixed @ Satisfactory Recording Co
by Justin Collins in Denton, TX.



all rights reserved


Delmore Pilcrow Denton

Delmore Pilcrow is a post-authentic rock band from Denton, Texas. Delmore Pilcrow is a hobby horse in a garbage heap that's on fire.

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Track Name: Barking at You
I call your name and what do you do?
You turn away so I can't see you
But I get what I deserve
I tried to cage you like a bird
I spent a long time barking at you

I'm gonna change the way I think about you
No more mincing words to service my views
If you're unsure what to expect
I'll take whatever you got left
I spent a long time barking at you

And I realize the world don't spin 'round me
But it's funny because everything repeats
And I'm running low on time
So if you're gonna change your mind
Oh am I one that you'll revisit?
Or the one you left behind?

So now I'm drifting off like I always do
Oh what if I loved you like I was supposed to?
And I got nothing more to say
No promises to make
I just spent a long time barking at you
Track Name: Even the Embellishments
Everything you've heard about me
Every word is true
Even the embellishments
Don't paint an honest view
I don't suffer much for critics
Don't suffer critics much
While I'm busy rolling in it
They're still begging for a touch

Well I heard that you rolled sevens
So I put you to the test
But the wounds you healed they ain't nothing like
The ones that you undressed
I know it don't make no difference
But how could I refuse?
Oh I love you more than ever now that
You're a part of someone else's world
I find it irresistible

And you look so different
In that skirt you wear
Can't help but wonder
What has changed?
And you bet it all
On a mirror and a ball
But I don't work for you no more
I don't work for you no more
Pull that picture from its frame
Wash that fixer off and hang
Yes, all the champagne you could ever dream is yours
Track Name: World of Art
I would love to lift your petticoat
With the dark side of my brain
Where I'm invisible to barrier
Where no thought is restrained
Where I can wake up next to someone
Who doesn't have to choose
Which heart will fly her farther?
The soft of the loose?
And as my mind makes out the difference
A sound knocks at the door

And you have come to read poetry
And tease me with your charms
But as your hands reach out to touch her
You're not thinking about her arms
And as she bends to pull me closer
My mind's not on the dogs
As long as you're building dams babe
I'm building logs
And as I watch her pass before me
My feet fight for the floor

And you have come with ripe tomatoes
That shiver into form
But where the desert meets the meadow
The sheets are sweet and warm
And your reflection on the window
Is burning like a stove
How far is far enough babe?
I'm sore to know
And as the painter pulls the curtains
He whispers through your clothes
And the world of art keeps turning
Track Name: Little Ladybug
Well she was born just a little ladybug
And she stuck out like the sore end of a thumb
And she was born to be a beetle not a bum
But she was stifled by the stiffness in her form

Now she walks with her fur coat on
Claiming everybody's burdens
From the landlord's to the curtains
She's resolved to clean them all
But she never paint's it bitter
She's got children to consider
And you'll never hear a whimper
From our lady of the logs

But once she was born just a little ladybug
And she snuck off on her own one early morn
And she was born to be a beetle not a bum
But she never no meant no one any harm

Now she calls out for her servants
With her calico work shirt on
From the gardens to the porcelain
She's the lawyer and the law
But she never begs to differ
She's got holy fathoms with her
And stern judgement to deliver
With a cigar in her jaw

But once she was...
Track Name: Open the Doorway
Let me open the doorway for you
Like it was the last thing I'd ever do
Let me make you a floor and lie prostrate for you
Let me open the doorway for you

I pounced at the chance
With a sock full of ants
And put on my clean pants for you
Then I uncombed my hair
And made sure it looked weird
Like I'd slept on it dreaming of you

I went down to your post
With a lump in my throat
And acted unnatural and cool
Then you jumped out my reach
As I fumbled my speech
And I walked out defeated and blue

But let me open the doorway for you
Like it was the last thing I'd ever do
Let me make you a floor and lie prostrate for you
Let me open the doorway for you

Oh I'm tired of begging
For my dreams to come true
Let me open the doorway for you
Track Name: Lazy Body
I once had a lazy body
Once I had a lady on me
But all of my love turned into riches
Until I was only granting wishes

I'll fill you in on all you're missing
And I'll just assume that you're listening
I gave you all my heat's distinction
When you always knew you'd never need it

I once had a lazy body
Once I had a lady on me
Track Name: All Rare Potatoes Be
You can only be rejected
By the city that you live in
So I'm gonna find myself a way out of dodge
From your family it's expected
All your dreams have been inspected
It's time to wisen up and get yourself a job

And you can only be diminished
By the people that you're in with
They're the reasons that your whimpers turn to sobs
They'll overburden you with wishes
That they'll never let your finish
And then they'll feed your favorite breakfast to the dog

But we all
Rare potatoes be
Though each one means
A carrot less for me
Well I took you in
You were my family
Let's stop washing soap
And raking burning leaves

Ms Brigitte comes to survey all she's got
But she's sucking thumbs with dress up Basquiat
No he ain't the greatest artist in the world
But he's certainly the greatest one in hers

While the musician confesses all he knows
But he's referencing a phrase somebody wrote
Oh he lines the books he buys up on a shelf
A counterfeit expression of himself

But we all
Rare potatoes be
Though each one means
A carrot less for me
Well I took you in
You were my family
Let's stop washing soap
And raking burning leaves
Track Name: Peculiar Ashes
I scattered your peculiar
Ashes in the sand
And I buried you in the desert
And then wiped you from my hands

And I built up a church
In the land of thirst
To comply with your demands
And I followed you
And I served you too
I was a child to your command

And so I laid you down
Inside your wedding gown
And fixed your fingers into your lap
And then I gave a speech
An awkward eulogy
To an audience dressed in black

And I called for you
And I cursed you too
When I knew you were never coming back
And I felt the clasp
Of your casket latch
And I fell for you all over again
Track Name: Kittenears
I loved you like a diamond
But my wheels they spun too rough
And I hoped we'd shine a longer while
But sometimes life is tough

And I picture you from time to time
And then wash the fixer off
And then hang them high in a great big line
Until I feel I've had enough

And those dark and vacant bedroom eyes
That washed my bandage off
I'm done with cutting lines and forcing rhymes
I'm gonna let my spirit drop

Now what's the matter with you?
Don't you tell me you're just trying to find who you are
Nobody ever has to know what a tyrant you were

Now listen boy you're 'bout to find out what
When her clothes are packed and her hair is cut
And you owe it to her not to speak too much

But now listen little kittenears
Nestled in the dark
All transmissions here are serious
And pierced for the heart

There's no middle ground to speak of
Just an under-furnished rug
Oh strum that dulcimer with feeling
And give that canvas a tug

I spent a long time begging
for you to carry me though

But now there's no use in waiting
Somebody's got a new maiden
And when you have to it's never half as good

Oh how many times can you make that face?
How come it hurts when you call my name?
Well you can set a fire to my neighborhood
But I ain't ever gonna look
No matter how long you cook